The Mighty Catamaran

After being out of the water for a week or two, Serenity II is now back in the water ready for action.
We done a good few jobs to her this year as she really needed it. She’s been buffed on the hull and wheelhouse, a couple of patches been fixed where she had been knocked. Engines oils, filters and few other jobs done. Some new valves replaced and her hull anti-fouled.

We have the MCA coming tomorrow to inspect her in the water and all being well, we will be fully coded from the 1st April.

We are still sailing of course but we are limited to numbers through the winter period which means people get a big boat all to themselves.

Fingers crossed everything goes OK tomorrow but for now here is a few pictures of the before and after, then back into the water.

The sunlight was making her go green underneath but it came off really easy. I was a little worried about the height she was off the ground but thankfully we never had to much wind to worry about.

The green all removed.

You can see the difference as we buffed her.

Peter washing down all the mess I had made but what a difference.

Hull painted. Props looking good and I don’t twang them on the bottom.

A bit of a tight squeeze past Serenity and the other boats.

Loads of room. (Not)

Going passed the Bamburgh Castle Inn and all the people inside watching.

Slowly down the slipway

And finally back into the water. Job well done.


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