A whale of a time

During our Inner Farne landing trip at lunchtime we were on our way to land when out the corner of his eye Andy saw a Minkie Whale. I quickly stopped the boat and ran onto the deck but it was gone. Typical, and by then all the guests were getting excited too. Not saying that … Read more


Super September

Its not very often I say this but September was a really great month for working on the water around the Farnes. Well I say working, but it’s not really work now is it. All I do is stand or sit, around all day talking into a microphone and telling people about the wildlife and … Read more


Time to Jump

Well it’s that time of the year again as the Guillemot chicks are starting to jump. On Tuesday evening, during our sunset cruise we watched the chicks take that leap of faith of the cliff faces and into the water. I know I have said this before but for those who don’t know or those … Read more