The Mighty Gannet

I could not help myself today and I decided to go out again to see all the birds. With a handful of guests and a friend to join me we went out in search of the rare bird or a Minkie Whale. On the way out we could see thousands of Gannets in the sky … Read more


WHALE OF A TIME (Part 2) Minke Whale

Continued from Part 1 When we get back onto the Helicopter I will get the pilot to have a look around for you and if we see anything we will give you a call on channel 67. I thanked him kindly and off they went. They were only away a few seconds when he shouted on … Read more


A WHALE OF A TIME (Part 1) The RAF Rescue Team

We were supposed to doing a Whale Watching Trip last Saturday 10th, but we decided to cancel it due to bad weather and I was so pleased we did as we rescheduled it for Saturday17th and trip and weather were just amazing. We had S.E. Winds on Friday so there was a heavy slow swell in the water, but as the … Read more