Hello World

During our trips on Monday there were a noticeable increase in new born seals on Brownsman, Wames and Staple Island compared to the last few days. We did not get out on Tuesday due to the weather but when we returned on Wednesday we were gob smacked as there was an explosion of pups everywhere. … Read more

New Arrivals

Well its that time of the year once again and as we near the end of the season new arrivals are starting to appear. Yes, I’m taking about the new born seal pups. We had a few early ones this year but unfortunately they did not make it but the ones that are starting to … Read more

Pupping season begins

Today we not only saw the 1st seal pup on the rocks but we also spotted a 2nd one. Finally the seal season is underway and lets hope it’s another good one like last year. A few weeks ago my brother spotted one on the Longstone Island but unfortunately it had pasted away, which was … Read more

Love is………

Love is…… A female grey seal never leaving dead partners side….. The look from a female grey seal broke my heart the other day, as she lay beside her man while he lay dead. It might not have been her man and it might have just been coincidence that she was lying there but for … Read more

First Seal Pup of the year.

On Saturday 8th October the first seal pup of the year was spotted on the Longstone Island. It’s lovely to see but I’m not sure if this pup will survive as its on a very low rock and the weather has changed since Saturday and the big seas have started to roll in. I have … Read more

Grey Seal Trip 23rd November

We did a Grey Seal landing trip on Sunday 23rd to the Longstone Island and the weather was good until the wind picked up later on. We steamed out towards the Farnes and I had to go back to Knocks Reef to see if the Grey Phalarope was still there but sadly it was not. We … Read more