Mixed Easter so far.

It’s been a mixed Easter so far, with all kinds of weather. Wind, Rain, Calm Sea’s, Rough Sea’s, Sunny and Overcast. To be honest Easter was far to early and our seabirds are just not ready to settle just yet. In my last blog I said the the Puffins were back, but the second I … Read more


The Puffins are back…..and lots more

It’s been a busy week in Seahouses this week with all shops, cafe’s, bar’s and restaurants getting ready for Easter, and they are not the only ones. We have had our boats have been inspected by the MCA (Marine Coastguard Agency) for our out of water inspection a few weeks ago and then the in … Read more


Grey Seal Trip 23rd November

We did a Grey Seal landing trip on Sunday 23rd to the Longstone Island and the weather was good until the wind picked up later on. We steamed out towards the Farnes and I had to go back to Knocks Reef to see if the Grey Phalarope was still there but sadly it was not. We … Read more


Bonxie (Great Skua)

On Thursday the weather was beautiful and as we were at the Longstone looking at the seals a Great Skua stopped to pinch some food from a Herring Gull. After its first bill full it decided it wanted a bit more but other gulls were not having any of it. The Great Skua has a … Read more


Beautiful Day

It was a beautiful day today which feels really nice to say. The Islands were buzzing with activity today, with birds flying around, grooming themselves, preparing their nests, mating and when you have weather like today it makes it even more special. We saw lots of Purple Sandpipers and Turnstones today which is really nice … Read more


Summer/Winter Wildlife Tour.

It was our 2nd Winter Wildlife Tour today and what a day it was. You would never think it was November with the weather the way it was. The seas were calm and the sun was glistening of the water and with a little breeze coming from the south I knew we were going to … Read more


Sunny Sunday

I woke to beautiful sunshine on Sunday morning and I could not wait to get out to sea. After leaving the harbour for our first trip we arrived at Scarcar Island to see lots of Shags, Turnstones and Purple Sandpipers. The Purple Sandpipers looked stunning in the sunlight so I had to get a picture. … Read more


1st Winter Wildlife Tour 2011/12

I watched the forecast with anticipation this week as we had our first Winter Wildlife Tour on Saturday and I was praying for good weather. God must have heard me as the weather was great. We had a little wind from the north but nothing to worry about. With all the guests on board we left … Read more

Important Notice

Please note, there is a significant amount of disruption on Seahouses Harbour due to maintenance and repairs to the pier structure. Due to the disruption, please consider the following when planning your trip to Seahouses:

Please listen carefully to the instructions from our colleagues in the booking office for boarding times and trip announcements. All guests will be escorted by Serenity staff through the building work to board the boat.

Many thanks,
the Serenity Farne Islands Boat Tours team!