Longstone Lighthouse Update

The Longstone Lighthouse, or Outer Farne as it was first called, is situated on Longstone Rock, one of the Outer Staple Islands. A light was requested for these islands by Sir John Clayton in the late 17th century and by Captain J. Blackett in 1755. Unfortunately, both were rejected as the Elder Brethren of Trinity … Read more


Seal Trip

On Saturday 10th November we had our 2nd Seal Photography Trip and it was a beautiful day. The light was perfect for photography and I was praying it would stay that way. After a few hours on the Island the gang boarded the boat for our tour around the Farnes before heading home. As we … Read more


Sunny Sunday

I woke to beautiful sunshine on Sunday morning and I could not wait to get out to sea. After leaving the harbour for our first trip we arrived at Scarcar Island to see lots of Shags, Turnstones and Purple Sandpipers. The Purple Sandpipers looked stunning in the sunlight so I had to get a picture. … Read more


2 day’s of great birds

We had a great day on Tuesday and Wednesday, with lots of birds passing. Yesterday we saw a male Peregrine hunting a blackbird near Staple Island. It was fascinating to watch this beautiful bird doing what it does best, but this time  it did something that I have never seen before. It hit the Blackbird with … Read more

Important Notice

Please note, there is a significant amount of disruption on Seahouses Harbour due to maintenance and repairs to the pier structure. Due to the disruption, please consider the following when planning your trip to Seahouses:

Please listen carefully to the instructions from our colleagues in the booking office for boarding times and trip announcements. All guests will be escorted by Serenity staff through the building work to board the boat.

Many thanks,
the Serenity Farne Islands Boat Tours team!