Sunset and Skuas

During our sunset cruise on Wednesday 8th August, we stumbled upon a beautiful Great Skua (Bonxie) as we were heading to the Longstone Lighthouse. In fact it was our newest crew member to the Serenity Team, Chris who spotted it and causally asked me what was that bird eating. As I glanced over I saw … Read more


Jumpling Time

Its that time again when the Guillemot chicks start taking that leap of faith of the edge of the cliff faces around the Farne Islands. They are known as “Jumping’s”, as they jump of the cliffs and its one the most amusing things to witness. While I think it’s funny and great to see, I … Read more


Bottlenose Dolphins

We have been seeing lots of bottlenose Dolphins again this year and it does not half give you a thrill. I never tire of seeing them and it gives our guests an extra special treat they are not expecting. I had a tear in my eye the other day when I little boy was brought … Read more


Sunset Cruise 2017

We have now finally had our last sunset cruise for the season and boy was it a beauty. We had finished a week ago but the weather was not the best so when we saw the forecast for Tuesday we decided to give it another go and hopefully we will finish with a bang. This … Read more


Nature is Cruel

Mother nature is very cruel at times and we hardly get bad weather during the summer so when we get big tides combined with strong N.E. winds you just know its all going to go pear shaped. About 2 weeks ago all the Kittiwakes that were doing so well have gone and only the ones … Read more


Another Aurora

We had another little showing of the northern lights again this week. It was not a great show but I’m not complaining one bit as they are always great to see. I think this might be the last one as its getting really light now and it did not get really dark until midnight and … Read more


A night of Storms

Wednesday 12th 2015 was a fantastic night for storms, but not the storms you are thinking off. It started with a text message about 7.30pm, saying “would I like to go out to go out to the Inner Farne to see some Storm Petrels” The second I read it I said Yes, and then I thought oh no, my boat is … Read more


90 years and still going strong

The 10th August 2015 Europe’s largest conservation charity, the National Trust, celebrates 90 years of caring for the Farne Islands. In the 90 years the Islands have become what the Trust describes as a ‘jewel in its wildlife crown’, with over 23 types of breeding seabirds living on the Islands including 40,000 pairs of puffins. … Read more

Important Notice

Please note, there is a significant amount of disruption on Seahouses Harbour due to maintenance and repairs to the pier structure. Due to the disruption, please consider the following when planning your trip to Seahouses:

Please listen carefully to the instructions from our colleagues in the booking office for boarding times and trip announcements. All guests will be escorted by Serenity staff through the building work to board the boat.

Many thanks,
the Serenity Farne Islands Boat Tours team!