When you are here everyday you tend to watch every little thing that goes on and looking at all the seabirds around the islands its been a good season so far and the Kittiwakes are no different. I have noticed that some of the Kittiwakes built their nests but never laid one egg. I’m not … Read more

Sunset Cruise 2017

We have now finally had our last sunset cruise for the season and boy was it a beauty. We had finished a week ago but the weather was not the best so when we saw the forecast for Tuesday we decided to give it another go and hopefully we will finish with a bang. This … Read more

Nature is Cruel

Mother nature is very cruel at times and we hardly get bad weather during the summer so when we get big tides combined with strong N.E. winds you just know its all going to go pear shaped. About 2 weeks ago all the Kittiwakes that were doing so well have gone and only the ones … Read more

New Life

The noise is unreal at the moment from all the seabirds and the noise level has increased as the chicks are calling at the top of their voices too. Its great to see new life at the Farnes and doing so well too but as I write this blog the seas are terrible and it … Read more

Sunset Cruise

Just a quick post to let you all know that we have started our Sunset Cruises once again and they will be running every Tuesday and Thursday at 7 to 9pm until mid September. As the season goes on the trips will depart a bit quicker each week as the nights will be drawing in … Read more

Love is………

Love is…… A female grey seal never leaving dead partners side….. The look from a female grey seal broke my heart the other day, as she lay beside her man while he lay dead. It might not have been her man and it might have just been coincidence that she was lying there but for … Read more

Time to Jump

Well it’s that time of the year again as the Guillemot chicks are starting to jump. On Tuesday evening, during our sunset cruise we watched the chicks take that leap of faith of the cliff faces and into the water. I know I have said this before but for those who don’t know or those … Read more