Ship Wrecked ( Danio )

On Saturday morning I came down the harbour to move my boat when I heard about an 80 meter ship on the rocks at The Farne Islands.

To be honest I thought it was all rumors so I went out to have a look. Sure enough their she was high and dry just the north side of Big Harcar.

I was a little bit gob smacked really as I could not understand how she was there and why. I can’t comment on it either as I don’t know, so that will have to come from the Captain.

My main thoughts going through my head were all the Seals, and the Seabirds have just started to arrive. I also heard that she had no oil on board which was great news. The Islands are a very important part of my life, the village and all the people who come here to see it’s beauty and the last thing we need is something like this.

I think if they somehow try to get the fuel of her and lighten the load by removing all the logs she’s carrying they might have a sporting chance to get her off, but the tide changes tomorrow and they are not as big and it’s looks like we going to have S.E. Gales on Monday which is the worst direction.  Other than that I would say cut it up as quick as possible before all the birds arrive in about 3 weeks time.

Here are some pictures from today’s fun and games.

This was the first sight I got of her when I arrived and 8.30am this morning.

Notice all the logs on board. 

Here she is on the north side of Blue Caps

The guys put a rope ladder over her stern to see if the props were damaged

 Her Propellers


The tide has started to turn now

A tug came down from Leith to help her of the rocks.

The tide is covering the rocks now.


This was the last shot I got of her before I left at 8pm tonight. She was still on the rocks and they were going out tomorrow to see what they can do.
Lets just hope it’s a happy ending. For hourly updates just follow me on Twitter @thefarnes


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