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The grey seal breeding season has now peaked but we will still have the odd late arrival or two.

The National Trust Rangers have now left for the year and they have had an amazing season. Lots of lows but this year more highs.

They finished their season by recording all the seals that are born on the Farne Islands and this is very important part of what the Rangers do on the Farne Islands.

They didn’t beat last years record and they lost a few right at the end of the season with the gales we had.

I don’t know the final count but the last I heard it was 1,487 but this number will be down but hopefully not much.

The Rangers spray the pups with different colours of  paint and this help them do their counts every year. This is nothing to worry about as once they shed their first coat the paint comes off.

Anyway the seals are all over the place at the moment, so its hard not to enjoy it, and it will not be long before they are on their own fending for themselves.

A mother giving her pup a little bite but it’s a loving bite.

Mother and her pup.

This seal was sound asleep.

A loving couple

Seal….ed with a kiss.

ending with a cuddle.

You should have seen the mess of the other Bull.

A cute little pup

A total poser

Lazy Dayz

Soaking up the winters sun.

Pink is the new colour.

I stopped to take this picture of Bamburgh Castle on the way home.


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  1. A brilliant summary of this year. My wife and I will be visiting, staying in Beadnall June 2014. looking forward to booking some trips with you then.


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