RSPB Filming

I was out Wednesday night with two guys from the RSPB filming Artic Terns feeding. I picked the guys up at 7.30pm from The Inner Farne and headed out to find Terns feeding on Sandeels but everytime we stopped they moved to a different area. Getting a little fed up we moved to another area, but yet again no luck.

Eventually we got a good spot and we turned of the engines as the noise of them was interfering with the filming and drifted with the tide while the Terns started feeding. It was a beautiful evening and the sunlight was perfect and the guys got what they came for.

It was also a perfect chance for me to snap away to and as the evening light started to disappear we headed back to the Inner Farne.

Just before I dropped the guys off, we stopped as there was a Jumpling swimming of into the sunset and it was to good to turn down. After filming for a while it disappeared onto the horizon and with smiles on our faces it was the perfect end to a perfect evening. 

As we set of spout of water at the end of the Inner Farne called the Churn

A Puffin feeding on the mass of Sandeels that were in the water.

A Fulmer in it’s full beauty.
An Artic Tern patrolling the area for some food.
No luck this time.

Watching the Sandeels very closely.

Got it after a few attempts.

A beautiful Sunset with Jumplings swimming out to sea.


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