Ross’s Goose

I got a call the yesterday on my way home from sea to tell me about a Ross’s Goose on Willy Smiths Pond. A little pond beside the road towards Bamburgh. Quick as Flash Gorden I was in the van and on my way to the pond.  With my scope in one hand and my camera in the other I crossed the road and sat down in the grass beside the fence.
I have heard about the Ross’s Goose but never in my wildest dreams did I think we would get one at Seahouses. Well I say one, I mean we were treated to 2.
They are very like a Snow Goose but smaller and both geese are high arctic breeders. All I can think is that it was blown over during the strong winds from Katia, but the origin of most European records of Ross’s Geese are uncertain. They are certainly a potential vagrant from North America but the situation is complicated by escapes from captivity, some of which are breeding in the UK. To be honest I’m not bothered that they are escapes are they are little beauties.

A big Thank You to Alan Hornsby for giving me the phone call.


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