Puffin Power

Well its been a little while since I last updated you on what’s happening around the Farnes so I thought I best get myself sorted out and let you all know.

As you can see by the title its just about the Puffins in this blog and the next blog I will update you on everything else that been happening.

Well as you can gather they are back and they seem to be very settled now. We have seen lots of mating going on and witnessed them cleaning and tidying their burrows ready for their eggs to be lied. There should be some puffins on eggs now but I have never had the confirmation yet but I don’t suppose that will be long.

It happens every year and I should not be surprised, but when our guests see a puffin for the first time we get mixed comments like……

They are smaller than I thought…
They are really not built to fly are they….
Lots of dams from the photographers miss that perfect shot…. (that’s being a bit polite)
A good few giggles as we tell them about their nickname (Tommy Noddy)

But most of all,  lots of AHHH’S and OOOOOH’S…. which always puts a smile on my face.

I have had a good few other comments but I will keep them to myself and that’s the way it should be as I just love them too.

Here is a few pictures to wet your appetite if you are coming this year.



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