Out with the old and in with the new

As you may remember in a previous post I told you about Serenity being sold to the south coast, well we have decided to sell Sovereign II aswell. She was our late fathers boat and we did not want to sell her due to sentimental reasons but that really did not make sense so we have decided to let her go. It breaks our hearts but it’s for the best and we have to move with the times too.
So on that note we could not help ourselves and she was to good to turn down so we have added another vessel to our fleet.
She is a yellow catamaran the same as Mara Mhor and she will be used for passengers as well as divers.
She is a little bit different to as she has a little bit extra built onto the back on the wheelhouse which will be great for passengers and divers as you can get shelter out of the wind but still be able to see what’s happening around you.
She also is equipped with a toilet and storage too. We have a little bit of work to do to her but it’s more tlc than anything.
We have to fit dive lift onto her stern but that’s the only real major job to do and fingers crossed she is ready to go.

It was amazing how these guys handled the vessels on the roads but I suppose they are used to it and never batter an eye lid. Anyway she arrived safe and sound and now she sits on the habour pier waiting for the season to start.


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