Not 1 but 5 Minke’s

We popped out the other day to try and find some Minke Whales and boy did we.

We had not been long out of the harbour when we encountered a very large Minke right beside the boat. As we followed it along another pop up on the other side of the boat. At first we thought it was the same one but then they both came up together each side of the boat. One was much larger than the other then 2 minutes later another surfaced a bit of to the left of the boat. The guests said that’s 3 Minke Whales but then another shouted “No it’s not, it’s 4 as we have one behind us”.

Umberliveable…… 1 Minke is great but to have 4 at the same time all round the boat was just like winning the lottery, well not quit but i was just stunning.

We followed them for about half an hour until they disappeared.

In all that excitement we also had 1 Sooty Shearwater flying north and 17 Manx Shearwaters feeding with other birds.

We turned and headed a little further out passing Manx after Manx and in total at the end of the trip we has seen 53 and we would had definitely missed more.

A little further out we can across yet another Minke but this time it went straight down never to be seen again.

Here are some pictures I manged to get but that was not the end of the trip as I have more to come in a later blog.



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