North East Blogger Awards 2015

This year I was nominated for the North East Blogger Awards for Travel, which was held at Bonbar Newcastle on Tuesday 10th.
As you all know, I’m from a little village so going to the “Toon” as they call it, was a little bit different to the pubs around Seahouses and they must have known I was coming as they got the red carpet out for me. Ha ha.

It was a beautiful venue and my emotions were mixed with excitement and fear rolled into one. I was really excited to be invited but at the same time a bit nervous as I was on my own and did not know anyone.
I was greeted with open arms and given a present for being a finalist, which was lovely. I made my way to the bar to get myself a drink to calm the nerves, but before I got there, I was offered some champagne, which I had to refuse as I was driving. A Red Bull will have to do me and as I  looked around I saw Sam from  I have never met Sam before but I got to know her through twitter and now I read her blogs which are brilliant by the way.  She introduced me to Chloe from and at first she was not sure who I was but the she then said, “Are you the Puffin Man”, with a big smile on my face, I automatically said yes. For me that was great, so thank you Sam and Chloe.

I also chatted to Emma from O PR who made me feel comfortable during the evening and by 8.30pm the awards were to be announced.

Just before the winners were announced they showed a short clip of every finalist and when it got to me I was very embarrassed with my short clip. Thank god it was on 30 seconds.

Anyway I never won the travel category but to come in the top 3 in the North East was something to be very proud of and to be honest the bloggers in the north east are producing today are of a high quality stuff which just goes to show what a place we live in.

Thank you for all your support and I will try again next year. 

Yes I can scrub up when I want too. 



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