It was blowing a gale last night and with winds gusting up to 65/70 mph from the S.W. and I was not in a hurry to go out, but the skies were clearing so what do I do.

I decided to watch the football but I must have dozed off (that’s how good it was) when my phone rang. When I answered it was Gary saying some aurora was showing if I fancied coming out.

I was still half a sleep but I dragged myself from the chair and headed down to the beach.

I found Gary close to a sand dune and it was really quite sheltered considering the strength of the wind. I set the tripod up, I was hoping it was not going to shake with the wind, but thankfully it was ok.

After a couple of test shots I was ready to go. I didn’t see any pink or red but my fingers were crossed that it might show.

A couple of shots later we had a slight shower and then all of a sudden I looked out to sea and I saw what I thought was a rainbow. After quick picture and it was confirmed that it was a rainbow.

I had never seen a rainbow at night before and it was an amazing sight to see.

I have now found out they are called “Moonbow” and if you look at the first and second picture’s you will see that I got a double Moonbow. I tell myself it was pure skill but I know it was jammy, but having said that if I stayed in the house I would have never seen it.

After about one and half hours on the beach we decided to head home. Not because it was rubbish but I think we were hoping it was going to turn into a mega aurora but we had that feeling that was it,and we were right.

Gary managed to get a better picture of me so have a look at his blog too.

Here is last nights Moonbow and Aurora and what a way to start the first of the month, instead of a nip and a punch.


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