Minkie Whale

It was one of the best days on the Farnes today with flat calm seas and beautiful sunshine, but what made it even better was the Minkie Whale that decided to circle the boat to give our guests a great show.

A gentleman said that he had spotted something like a dolphin in the water but I dismissed it straight away saying that it was a seal, but I had to back track as it broke the surface and I saw a Minkie Whale.

I could not believe it and I had to apologize to the man as he was right and I was so wrong, but the Farnes keeps on making a fool of me as every year it produces something new and different which is why I love the place.


It was only small but that did not matter at all, as it came to say hello again and again and again, so after a few pictures this is what we were (or I was) getting excited about, but after looking at some of the pictures I noticed some fishing net around it which was really sad and I just wished I could have jumped in to cut it off but I did not notice at the time. I would have probably got wrong anyway.

Such a shame.


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