Lucky Escape

A update after the storm. Well at first glance the birds look as though they have managed to brave the storm with only a few casualty’s. The Kittiwakes are the ones that everyone was worried about as they nest so close to the waters edge, but after closer inspection they look as though they have made it. Yes we have lost a good few but I was expecting lots more. 
At 10.30 this morning I took a couple of lads back to the islands after they had a few days off. On arriving at the Wide Opens we noticed more Kittiwakes than first imagined.
I have to take my hat of to the birds. They are strong willed little things.

 A Kittiwake sitting proud after the storm.

A Kittiwake nest distroyed and the bird missing.

What a way to enter into this world. At least they are here to tell their story. (In their own way)

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  1. So glad to hear the damage wasn't as bad as you feared. You have some great photographs and your Charlie is a real cutie, you will have to watch out she will be after your job!!!


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