Lucky 13

The number 13 is usually unlucky but this time I must say it’s lucky. After 13 days at the Farne Islands the Danio is finally of the rocks and is now docked in Blyth harbour.

When I think about it there has been alot of unlucky’s and lucky’s during this whole episode.

She was unlucky to hit the rocks in the first place but she was so lucky to hit the area she did. The ship has a flat bottom and the area of the rock was flat to. She had to put up with gale force winds and big seas, but if was in another place she would have never survived but she was lucky enough to be a place were the big waves were broken down by the Longstone Island and the south end of the Blue Caps.

She was unlucky to be holed but lucky to have a double skinned hull.

Most of all she was very very lucky to have a team gang of salvage guys who knew what they were doing and knew how to float her safely without spilling any fuel, wood etc.

Thank you guys removing the Danio safe and sound and not affecting our beautiful Farne Islands and all it’s wildlife.

Here are some pictures of her taken by Mark Mowbray when she finally arrived in Blyth harbour tonight.


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  1. Thanks for DANIO closure notes Andrew, We echo your thanks to salvage team for an excellent job.
    "Unlucky" to have hit rocks? Surely not, unless there was a technical failure. Perhaps an enquiry will clarify just what part luck played.


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