Lolo Williams

I had the privilege of meeting Lolo Williams the other week, as we took him out to the Farne Islands to do some filming for his new program and you can see him on Springwatch at the moment.

I have to say what a really nice man and so passionate about his wildlife and his patch as he would call it, Wales.

Sometimes when you meet a celebrity you are a little on edge as they are big stars and you are just a normal person doing your job, but this man puts you at ease straight away.

A friendly hand shake to say hello, then a bit of polite conversation, then all of a sudden a bit of banter and a good laugh. He is so different to other celebrity’s I have met and it was a total pleasure.

They had a great day on the Farne Islands and they are doing the final touches to the program now so I will let you all know when it comes out.

Lolo being filmed on the way out to the Islands.

I even got in on the act.

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