Little Auk

Over the past few day’s we have had a good few Little Auks passing the Farnes.

I have to say I do love these little birds and they are half the size of Puffins. When some of our guests have seen them they just go ahhh, and for some reason they are right, as they are cute little things. You have to take your hat of to them as they breed on Islands in the high Artic and it makes you think how they survive.

I tried to get a picture of them in flight today but I had no chance, as these little birds can not half motor and with them being so small it makes it even harder, so in the end I gave up. We also had one in the harbour the other morning and that is a first for me.

I have to say the Farnes is a great place and one of the best places in the UK to see these little gems. The Rangers recorded over 4000 yesterday flying north but I think the Farnes holds the record for Little Auks passing in one day at something like 28,000. Now that’s alot of birds in one day and I bet they had to go and buy new clickers by the end of it.

Never mind I’m waffleling now here are a few pictures I got the other day.


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