Little Auk

I seen my friend Gary driving along the pier this morning to have a look through the Gulls and of course have another look for the Black-necked Grebe, but it was another bird today that stole the show.

A Little Auk was in the harbour and it was showing really well.

It was feeding near the steps at the end of the pier and came really close which thrilled all 4 photographers who were sitting on the steps clicking away. (including myself)

At first glance I thought it was not very well but after watching it for a while I realized it was just giving us a good show and I noticed as I looked at my pictures that it was eating the shrimps like the Black-necked Grebe was the other day, so it must have been in good health.

This is the first time for me that I have seen a Little Auk in the harbour and hopefully not the last.



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