Harbour Porpoise

Today was just lovely. I took the boat out into the bay at 7am because of the tide. My first customers were not until 10.30am so i had to sit around for a while but this was not a problem as the sea was like glass. After i had cleaned the boat ready for the day i noticed something in the distance. Was it my eyes, as it was so sunny that their was a glare on the water but no it was 2 Harbour Porpoise. I quickly started the boat to closer to inspect and i got closer it was. The Harbour Porpoise are a bit shy so as i got closer they changed direction and went the other way. After that i just watched them from a far.

When i picked up our first customers i told Keith (My Crewman) what i had seen and the first thing he said was to watch out for the rest of the day because the seas were that calm it would be easy to spot them. Sure enough we had not got to the Islands and Keith spotted another Harbour Porpoise. Now if they were the same ones we don’t know but it was just nice to see them.

As a lot of birds have gone now it was very pleasing to see.


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