Happy Birthday Grace Darling

It’s 200 years today that Grace Horsley Darling was born in Bamburgh ‘the year of the Battle of Waterloo’ as she was often reminded.

I know I talk about her in my commentary nearly every day but it’s hard to believe it’s 200 years ago. I also feel honored to tell people about this wonderful lady and it’s really nice when young children who are on the boat and tell me that they are learning about her at school. It’s lovely to know, that this young women will be always remembered for what she did and will go down in history forever.

As I write this blog today, I can’t help thinking about her life on the Farnes and what it must have been like. I know what it’s like out there today for the Rangers, but back then it must have just been their way of life and when you hear the stories and read about the Darling family you have to take your hat off to them.

I hope the Darling family will be talked about for the next 200 years but today it’s all about Grace.

Have a look at this fantastic website if you don’t know much about Grace and the Darling family or if you do know a little bit then this site will teach you a lot more www.gracedarling.co.uk

Happy Birthday Grace  

 If you are in the area why not visit the Grace Darling Museum in Bamburgh



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