Guillemots steal the show.

Its has been amazing week so far with flat calm sea’s and beautiful sunshine and I just hope it continues to be honest. All the boats are now painted and ready for the season to get started. I know I’ve been out all winter but it’s just nice to see the sun shining and the birds coming back.
The Guillemots have been coming and going for over a month now, but this time they seem to be a lot more settled. The Puffins and Razorbills are starting to turn up, with big groups of them resting on the water. At the moment the Guillemots are steeling the show with big numbers all around the Islands. Last week the really put a show on for the customers and myself, by flying over the boat in their hundreds. Sometimes when I watch Nature programs I get so jealous of the guys seeing thousands of Penguins or Killer Whales and I realise that I do see something like this every year when the birds start to arrive to the Farne Islands.

 This video was taken on my phone a few days ago and it shows you just how lucky I am to be able to go out to the Farne Islands everyday and see amazing sights like the Guillemots arriving. Enjoy.


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