Great end to September

It has been a beautiful week around the Farne Islands and Seahouses this week. The sun has shone all week,the sea’s have been calm and the birds have been good.

On Monday we saw our first female Long-tailed Duck on the north side of Big Harcar. We also saw 5 Arctic Skua’s flying north throughout the day.
On Tuesday our first Grey Seal Pup was born on the pebble beach at South Whames, and an adult wintering Puffin. 
On Wednesday the day started with a beautiful Sunrise, then after that we saw 3 Harbour Porpoise, 2 Arctic Skua’s, 1 Puffling 1 male Peregrine, 1 female Peregrine and lots of Guillemots. 
On Thursday the weather got hotter and hotter as the day went on. On the land it had been really good but it’s not very often we can say that it gets that hot out at sea, but the temperature was 21c in my wheelhouse and the wind was really warm to. The bird front was a bit hot to. We had 5 Arctic Skua’s flying north, 2 Bonxie’s flying north, 2 Great Northern Divers, 1 flying north the other south, 1 Manx Shearwater resting on the water just south of the Inner Farne, 2 pods of Harbour Porpoise, 3 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. When we were heading home I got a phone call to say that there was 2 Ross’s Geese at the pond on the way to Bamburgh. You have never seen the boat tied up so quick. I was lucky as they were still there but I was short lived as I was summoned home. I was also told there was a Crane at Budle Bay but I was not so lucky with that one. Oh well you can’t win them all.   
On Friday it was hot but not as hot as previous days, but the birds made up for that. We had 3 Arctic Skua’s, lots and lots of Guillemots, 16 Razorbills, 7 Manx Shearwaters, 1 Black Tern, 10 Redwings, 1 Long tailed Skua and a male Peregrine.


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