First Puffin of the year.

Last Sunday I was on a trip around the Islands with a few customers and a good friend. It was a beautiful day and the seas were calm and as I looked at my friend I could see the smile on his face as we approached the Islands as their were thousands of Guillemots everywhere. This is just what he needed as he had been working hard lately I don’t think he expected to see as many.
I must admit it is a beautiful sight and you know it will not be long until all the birds are back.

As we traveled around the Islands I spotted 50+ Turnstones, 3 Purple Sandpipers, Oystercatchers, 1 Peregrine, Fulmers, Kittiwakes but the best sighting of the day was the Puffin.

I do like the Puffin and it’s really nice to see them again. We only saw 8 and they might not hang around for long but for me and most of all my friend it was the highlight of the trip.

Here are some shots I got….Welcome Back to the Farne Islands guys.


I can’t miss out the Guillemots so here are a few shots.


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