Dolphin Week

Sunday 4th November was just a great evening with the Dolphins and to be honest I thought I would never see them again but this week I have seen them on 3 separate occasions and I must say you can never get tired of them.

On Friday I was on my way out with divers when I received a call from Graham (A Ranger on the Farnes) saying that there was Dolphins on my port side of the boat. As I turned the boat towards the shore there was about 25 of them playing with another boat.

As we got closer you could tell they were in a playful mood. They were jumping out of the water and bow riding the other boat waves.

The boat turned and headed towards the harbour and it was our turn. I slowly moved in and adjusted the speed of the boat gently so that they would come and play with the boat. Oh boy were they having fun playing with the boat.

As I was watching them I noticed a couple with the same markings as the other day. This could not be the same pod but then one came out of the water and I noticed the same marks on the back beside the dorsal fin. There was also 4 youngsters which was the same as the other day.

I have also heard some rumours that the dolphins are from The Tay as they disappeared from there about 3 weeks ago. They tend to go up to the Black Isle in the Murry Firth but they have been known to come down this way first before they head up north.

Hopefully I will find out soon, when I send some of my pictures of  to be identified. Anyway here are a few pictures just now.  


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