Dolphin Encounter

Sunday 4th November was just a stunning day, with flat calm seas and beautiful sunshine.

I was out with divers for the day and seal diving was top of the agenda. Having found the best place to dive, I dropped them in, then all of a sudden the seals disappeared. At first I thought I had scared them away, but then I realized, they were all under the water playing with the divers.

When the divers returned to the boat they were buzzing, so I suggested diving a wreck for the next dive, but as you can imagine, a seal dive was requested again. 

After a great days diving we headed back to the harbour as they had a long journey home to London.

I moored the boat, washed the cups and got her ready for the next day and with my camera bag on my back I climbed up the ladders and walked towards my van, when Kevin the harbour assistant told me he had just seen some Dolphins outside the harbour.

My first reaction was oh S*** my camera battery is dead but I just thought I can’t miss this opportunity. I opened my bag, grabbed my charger and ran to the harbour office and plugged in the charger. The orange light came on to tell me it was charging and a smile came across my face until Kevin said “Andrew they are heading south now”

Oh S*** was some of the words I used, I had to go. I grabbed my lifeless battery, climbed down the ladder, started the engines and off I went.

I was hardly out of the harbour when we saw the dolphins break the surface. They were behind me, beside me, in front of me, they were everywhere.

I noticed a few swimming south and thought the rest would follow so that’s the way I went. I picked up my camera and started to take pictures but about 10 pictures in the battery totally dead. Brainwave.. I have my phone. I tried to take a picture but it was to hard so I turned it to movie mode and tried that. Grand it was working, but then Beep Beep my phone was going to die now. Great….More choice words came out of my mouth.

In the end I decided to just enjoy the moment as much a possible.

As I was looking around I noticed my brother Toby had brought the other boat out to have a look. His wife Sally and the kids were even with him and I noticed Peter was there to.

Grand I thought, Peter will get some pictures and boy did he. After about half and hour we turned to come home and I was grinning from ear to ear.

So here we go, a few pictures I got before my camera went dead and a rubbish video but hopefully I will have some better ones to show you later.

 I will post Peter’s pictures later and I will and a few more videos after I edit them. The picture below is from Peter’s phone so that’s why it does not look as crisp. Still good though.




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