Danio Day 2

Today was calm to start with and then the weather changed when the tide changed. Big seas but blue skies but the gloom was hanging over the cargo ship which is 80 meters long and carrying logs is still high and dry on the rocks just the north side of the Blue Caps.

Another boat has arrived tonight and they are hoping to try and get her off tomorrow. The way the weather is shaping up I don’t think they will have any chance and to make it worse the tides are dropping off.

I had a few guys accessing the area and trying to think of the best plan on how to get her off, without making any impact to The Farne Islands and it’s Seabird and Seal population.

I don’t think they realized how important this little tiny group of rocks are to the wildlife until they looked around. This gang have done this thousands of times and they are going full steam ahead to get this sorted as quick as possible.

Yes it will cost a lot of money but who cares as long as the birds, seals and underwater wildlife are safe and we can talk about this in years to come.

I will try my best to post everyday or night and let everyone know whats happening.

Here is a picture from my plotter chart yesterday and I’m the boat and the arrow is the ship. This is at high water so I can get close but at low water I can’t get as close.

Here is a link to Tyne Tees report on Staurday.  http://vimeo.com/61996299


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