I have been trying to see one of these little beauty’s for some years now but I always seem to miss them, but today I finally got a chance to see it.

I was picking my guests up from the Inner Farne when I heard that a Bluethroat had been seen and to be honest I was surprised no more birds had dropped in because the conditions were perfect. A little fog with an easterly wind but who was I to complain as it was a cracker.

I had finished for the day and I was given permission to go back for a quick look.

I was not disappointed as it showed really well as it was hopping around feeding but stopping long enough for me to have a really good look.

At one point it stopped and stared as if to say “I am a beauty aren’t I” then off it went again.

It bounced around the Island like it was his home and with his blue throat and black band he proudly pushed out, looking at that bird over there with the brightly coloured bill, he does he think he is I’m much better looking than you mate, and today I must say he was….

Thank you guys for letting me see this beautiful bird and on your patch too.



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