Black Guillemot

It was a lovely day at the Farne Islands today and it’s the first time I have seen the sun in weeks.

Lots of Guillemots around and we seen 3 Puffins. All in good health to.

This time last year the Shags had built their nests, paired off and some had even layed their eggs, this year they have not even started. This is one of the reason’s I love my job as we are always learning and one trip is never the same as the other.

Today was a total surprise for me, as we noticed a partial summer plumage Black Gulliemot beside the Brownsman Island.

I say a surprise but I have to expect the unexpected when it comes to birds and you just never know what your going to see around the Farne Islands as it has done so to many times over the years.  

Anyway here are some mixed pictures from today and it all started in the harbour.


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