Aurora Borealis

I missed the best night for the aurora and I did receive a good few phone calls from 1am through to 2.30am and I am kicking myself as I missed a really good one.

I don’t really like to take my phone to bed, as sometimes I get a message or a tweet through the night and it wakes me up but after missing all the calls, my phone will be coming to bed with me now.

I did manage to see a faint aurora and it was a good to have a play around with my camera too.

I meet up with Gary and we tried a few different places. Some not very well known and some places that everyone goes too. We have also decided to try some experimenting soon so watch this space.

Anyway I know this blog is supposed to be about my adventures around the Farnes but when its quite at sea and on the bird front you have to go out when its a cracking night. We are lucky enough to live in a place where we have clear skies and very little light pollution so it would be a shame not to take advantage of it.

Here is some attempts of the aurora borealis and some night skies around my local area too. I do hope you like them.


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