Another Seal Pup.

Unfortunately my last post about the first seal pup did not end to good, as it was washed off the rocks and did not survive, but today we saw another new born seal pup and this one had very mixed emotion’s too.

It was not until our second trip out this afternoon that we saw a new born on the rocks at the north west end of North Wamses and if it was not for the wind on the south side of the islands, forcing us to go to the north side then I don’t think we would have seen it at all.

When we first saw it, we all went ahhhh including myself, but then the ahhhh’s went to oh no in the matter of seconds as a wave came in and knocked it off the rocks and into the water.

I could not look, as I thought that’s it another one lost but I have to give this little pup some due as it was as brave as hell and it made it back the rocks and hauled itself out.

Everyone on the boat breathed a sigh of relief but it looked shocked and shattered.

The wind started to pick up again and yet another wave came in and knocked the pup off the rocks. Oh no not again, please.

The emotion’s were sky high on the boat but everyone was praying for a happy ending.

As we watched the pup struggle to stay a float, then all of a sudden its mother appeared and then rescue mission started.

She nudged her nose into the pups tail and encouraged it back towards the rocks. The waves were hitting it harder and harder, but this little fella was not going to give up and its mother was not going to let it happen neither. She managed to get the pup close enough to the rocks and with the waves still hitting the pup she gently coaxed the pup back into dry land.

Again everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

We watched as the mother made the pup climb further up the rocks so that the waves did not hit it again and then we left them alone.

I later got a text to say that the wardens had seen it up high on the rocks and that the sun was drying it out.

Here is some pictures of today’s events.

To see the look in the mothers eye after she got the pup to safety was just amazing. It taught me a lot about the bond between a mother and her child and this is the strongest bond I have ever seen and this is why this pup will survive.


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  1. Good to see Andrew, thanks for posting these pics. Lets hope that this one, & those to follow,
    fare better than the little tern chicks at Winterton earlier this year.


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