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Serenity Farne Islands boat tours sail all year round to the Farne Islands, one of Britain’s most spectacular wildlife habitats! We offer different trips throughout the year from landings, photography trips, whale watching to ‘sail arounds’.

Our skippers are incredibly knowledgeable about the geography, history and the wildlife of the Farne Islands. We also have an on-board wildlife guide and we are happy to answer all your questions before, after and during our trips.

Don’t forget to have a look at our Skipper’s Blog before you arrive and see what’s been happening around the Farne Islands and Northumberland Coastline.

Take a look at our boats, our trips & tours, then plan your visit and if you wish, reserve your place online now!

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We had a spectacular boat trip with lots to sea. The crew were very knowledgeable and the catamaran was very smooth though it helped being a beautifully sunny day. The captain was excellent at pointing out the local birds and seals but on the way back to the harbour was willing to follow a herd of dolphins as we came across them. It was amazing as we were so close to them as they passed the boat. I recommend the company especially for their willingness to stay out longer to capture a special sight.

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The Farne Islands are an excellent and very popular diving location. For more information on our sister company Sovereign Diving please visit click here.